Session 18: Increasing Team Buy-In

Most people are change adverse. That includes your team too! Whenever there is a change within your organization, it can be difficult to get your team to buy into the changes.

Probably not. But hey, it’s not your fault, because most businesses don’t.

Session 8: Why Your UVP Matters

So, I already know what makes me different. Cool. Why does it matter? How can I use that to make my organization better? What does it have to do with strategic alignment?

Think that could have implications on your business?

Session 7: What is UVP?

Do you know your UVP? Do you even know what a UVP is? If not, you’re missing out on leveraging a competitive advantage.

It’s not hard, and can be incredibly useful for you.

What is a Consultant

I have heard many people ask “What is a consultant?” or “What does a consultant actually do?” The answers can be just as wild as the questions, and vary from “magic” and “snake water salesman” to “Godsend” and “miracle worker.” What causes these descriptions to teeter at the edges of the spectrum comes down to […]