Session 16: Scalability System Philosophy

Do you have a system to scale your business? Do you have a proven force driving revenue? Do you have a structured, standardized way of operating your business without you?

Probably not. But hey, it’s not your fault, because most businesses don’t.

In this session, I’ll give you a high-level overview of the philosophy that drives my proprietary methodology for strategic alignment. It’s how we’ve saved some small businesses up to $30k/year.

Spoiler: Can you imagine having the power of a manufacturing company driving your business?

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

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Session 15: Messaging Clarity

Do your clients know who and what you are? If you are a graphics designer that also builds websites and codes mobile apps, which is your specialty?

Are all (or any) of those advancing your mission? I could probably guess.

In this session, I’ll explain how to gain messaging clarity and what a few of the benefits are to gaining that clarity. It’s got some far reaching effects.

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Session 14: Do I Need a Strategic Plan

Do I need a strategic plan for completing a strategic alignment process? I’m not sure what all these terms are, but strategic sure sounds important, right?

Strategic is important.

In this session, I’ll explain if you need a strategic plan with a helpful little analogy. I recommend checking out session 13 ( before watching this, as we explain what a strategic plan actually us.


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Session 10: Clarity of Purpose

Do you know the purpose of your organization? 100% clarity on why you exist? If not, you’re losing a battle.

Clarity of purpose gives you a framework for your business.

In this session, I’ll explain why you need clarity in your purpose, how to gain it, and how to use it once you’ve achieved it. This will help make decisions for you on clients to accept, employees to hire, and projects to accomplish.

Pretty nifty little tool, huh?

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Session 8: Why Your UVP Matters

So, I already know what makes me different. Cool. Why does it matter? How can I use that to make my organization better? What does it have to do with strategic alignment?

Glad you asked.

In this session, I’ll give you 3 reasons why your UVP matters, and how it ties directly into your mission. If you want more information about why your mission matters, check that session out here.

Remember, strategic alignment is your competitive advantage!

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