Session 21: Making Data-Based Decisions

You’re probably not making decisions as well as you could (or should) be in your organization. Chances are high that you’re not tracking metrics and letting the data drive your decisions.

Think corporations like Amazon make decisions without data?

In this session I’ll explain why (and how) to make data-based decisions. There are some prime examples from actual conversations to explain the importance of making data-based decisions for your organization.

You can’t afford to leave decisions to gut feelings. Your competition isn’t.

Keep up.

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Session 19: Why Track Metrics

There are certain things in your business that are happening, and you don’t know about it. And you know what? You’re doing it too… without realizing it. Here’s the kicker, I don’t even know what “it” is, but I know it’s happening.

I don’t have the data. Neither do you.

In this session, I’ll explain why you need to take metrics. You’ll be able to uncover little nuances within your organization that are going unnoticed. Data is transparent, and it’s extremely important to success.

Give it a listen and see how.

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