Session 18: Increasing Team Buy-In

Most people are change adverse. That includes your team too! Whenever there is a change within your organization, it can be difficult to get your team to buy into the changes. This can be anything from new team members, new managers, or new processes.

You might even have people that are actively working against your initiatives.

In this session, I’ll give you 3 actionable steps you can take to gain team buy-in when championing change within your organization. These are practical steps that you can start using today.

See, it’s pretty simple.

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Session Notes

I’ve said this before, but strategic alignment is your competitive advantage.

Have you ever had a change where your team didn’t buy in? You were fighting people every step of the way? Not only did you have people who weren’t “believers” in the change, but you might have even had people actively resisting your initiative.

That’s a problem.

Imagine your team believing in all the changes or projects you do. Strategic alignment helps you achieve this end.

The first step to achieving team buy-in is that you guys share the same mission. If you guys aren’t aligned in the same end goal you’re trying to accomplish, you’re fighting each other. Things go much better when you start with the same goal in mind.

The second step is proactive communication through the course of the change. I advocate for 2 different rhythms to communication: daily, quarterly. These end up accomplishing the same thing, but come from 2 different angles.

The daily sessions should be very short and intentional. Ask 3 questions: how are you completing your top 3 job functions, what goals do you have for the week, and what challenges are you facing right now? The quarterly sessions are more broad and organizationally focused. Looking at: where are we going? what are we doing well? what needs to change?

This type of communication is focused on building rapport and having the team’s voice heard. This is incredibly important when it comes to team buy-in.

The third big step towards increasing team buy-in is valuing the team’s perspective. I’ll do a whole session on this in the future, but to give you a high level, you as the leader need to make sure that your team understands that you can appreciate their perspective. Think about it in terms of empathy from a change perspective. You know how this change will effect each and every team member.

That’s it. That’s a great way to start increasing team buy-in today.

1: same goal/mission
2: proactive communication
3: valuing the individual’s perspective

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