Session 17: Where to Use Strategic Alignment

Think you’re too small to use strategic alignment in your business? Wrong. Thing you’re too big? Wrong again. Strategic alignment has extremely broad applications.

You might be surprised at just how and where to use this kind of methodology.

In this session, that’s exactly what I’ll explain. I’ll show you how you can use this framework any nearly any aspect of your organization, broad or narrow, large or small, it doesn’t really matter.

Get ready.

Want more information about my methodology? Watch a free webinar where I share with you every phase and step. It has practical information in it for you take and apply today. Best of all? It’s 100% free!

As a bonus, I’ll even provide a free 15-min consulting session where I help you implement the methodology.

Session Notes:

Some people think Strategic Alignment is only something for large organizations, like $5MM+, but that is far from the truth. This is a critical service for small businesses too.

Imagine having the resources of a large organization behind you to streamline and focus your business now. Do you have the time and perspective it takes to trim down the extra bloat and weight within your organization to be able to scale effectively?

But, strategic alignment is way more than just organizational specific. My methodology is something that can be used in several different areas.

I’ve focused a lot of time energy on explaining usage within an organization, but did you know you can use this departmentally? Program or project-based?

Think about a that for a second. Is there any benefit to aligning multiple teams or departments around a specific project? Everyone would have the same “lens” developed and make decisions accordingly. There would be a unifying mission/vision for each project, that all teams would be able to look forward to and rally around.

Could you see some implications for personal use?

Have you thought about ways that your professional and personal lives could be aligned? Both working towards the same end goals? That you could have a specific mission that you could pursue relentlessly no matter where you are?

Would you feel more fulfilled? Would you be able to find a job that look forward to doing every single day?

When using the proper framework, strategic alignment can have some far-reaching opportunities. There’s almost no level of an organization, from top-level management down to personal use, that wouldn’t benefit from this type of work.

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