Session 15: Messaging Clarity

Do your clients know who and what you are? If you are a graphics designer that also builds websites and codes mobile apps, which is your specialty?

Are all (or any) of those advancing your mission? I could probably guess.

In this session, I’ll explain how to gain messaging clarity and what a few of the benefits are to gaining that clarity. It’s got some far reaching effects.

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Session Notes

I know I’ve talked a lot about creating this lens to view your business, but it’s a critical aspect of your business. A lot of businesses start spreading too thin, and it waters down “who they are.”

You do plumbing and HVAC. Or you do graphic design, build websites, and mobile apps, which do you do better? Are all of those advancing your mission? Are you watering down what you’re good at because clients want you to do more?

The days of generalists are nearing an end. Period.

People are looking for specialists who are the best in their industry. Top performers. They know everything inside and out.

Is your business a generalist practice, or are you a specialist?

Understanding your Mission, Vision, and UVP and how these all work together will give you the clarity you need. It will show in your messaging. It will bleed over into your marketing. The way you talk about your business will provide 100% clarity to everyone you come into contact with.

So, I’ll leave you with this…

Do you have messaging clarity?

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