Session 14: Do I Need a Strategic Plan

Do I need a strategic plan for completing a strategic alignment process? I’m not sure what all these terms are, but strategic sure sounds important, right?

Strategic is important.

In this session, I’ll explain if you need a strategic plan with a helpful little analogy. I recommend checking out session 13 ( before watching this, as we explain what a strategic plan actually us.


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Session Notes

We covered what a strategic plan is in a previous session, so you if you want more information about that, check out session #13.

The short answer to “do I need a strategic plan for strategic alignment” is, no.

The long answer is, not really.

Chances are, if you have a strategic plan, it’s based on your business today, not an optimized version of your business. So, you could have really integral efforts in your strategic plan that don’t really advance your mission.

Strategic alignment creates an optimized model of your business. It’s clears out the weeds and waste, and it develops a lens to view your organization through.

This lens will help provide long-term clarity, kind of eliminating the need for your strategic plan.

I can help you navigate through the strategic alignment process, keeping your strategic plan in mind. We don’t want to completely eliminate that effort, but the strategic alignment process will supersede it, and for good reasons.

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