Session 12: Arrow vs. Sword

Have you ever seen a movie with medieval knights fighting? There’s a key lesson we can learn about our businesses from these scenes.

It all comes down to focus.

In this session, I’ll explain this analogy of the arrow vs the sword and how it can apply to your business. Afterwards, you’ll understand the dangers of spreading yourself, and your business, too thin.

This is a key to penetration within your organization.

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Session Notes

Have you ever seen a movie with medieval knights fighting? They’ve got on their chain mail, armor, helmets, and they’re out there just slashing away at the enemy…

It’s a pretty gruesome sight, but there’s an interesting note that serves as a great illustration for your business… the chain mail.

Did you know, that it was designed for close-range combat? It prevented swords from being able to slash through the chain and keep the knight safe.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work for arrows…

You see, the swords distribute the entire force of the blow along the length of the blade. The arrow hits from the very tip, and so all the force behind the strike of the arrow is targeted on a single point.

The sword is too broad and disburses the force. The arrow is targeted and gains penetration.

Your business needs to be an arrow, not a sword. Focus all your energy, efforts, and resources in a single place, accomplishing your mission.

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