Session 11: Because I Can…

Have you ever used that phrase, “because I can…” to justify something? You’ve probably done it dozens of times, but hopefully not within your business.

That can lead to disastrous results!

In this session, I’ll tell you why it’s a bad idea, and I’ll give you a framework to make decisions. I call this framework the “3 Golden Questions.” Plus, I’ll give you one key mistake I’ve seen several business owners commit.

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Episode Notes

“Because I can…” is nearly the worst reason to do anything

Nothing against trying new things, but it should fit inside the frame of your business

Make sure you ask the 3 “golden” questions before adding in new projects, services, products:

  • Does it advance the mission of our organization?
  • Does it align with the our vision of a better world?
  • Does it leverage what makes us unique?

These if the answers are “yes” to these questions, great. Go for it. If you answer “no” to any of these, figure out why you’re trying to do it.

A key mistake is that some people will try to change the mission of the organization to fit the expansion or additions… resist that urge!

You want to make sure your mission stays strong, and not watered down. Keep it crystal clear.

Make sure “because I can…” stays out of your business vernacular.

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