Session 1: Defining Strategic Alignment

What is strategic alignment? That’s the question that I get asked 90% of the time after my introduction. It’s a big word, with a lot of implications, especially for small, local businesses, but many business owners don’t understand what it is. They think it’s “too corporate” for a small business.

That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Strategic alignment can be the best secret weapon and competitive advantage for a small, locally owned business. In this session I’ll define what strategic alignment is and you’ll better see some advantages for you and your organization.

It’s a powerful tool.

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Reduce Turnover. Increase Profits. Be Better.

Strategic Alignment Is Your Secret Weapon!

This channel is devoted to using short episodes, 3-5 minutes, for explaining what strategic alignment is, educating on why itโ€™s important and what it can do for your business, and providing tips and tricks for you to implement along the way.

We might even have some special guests to provide you some insight into how to use strategic alignment in other areas of your business.

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