Session 11: Because I Can…

Have you ever used that phrase, “because I can…” to justify something? You’ve probably done it dozens of times, but hopefully not within your business.

That can lead to disastrous results!

In this session, I’ll tell you why it’s a bad idea, and I’ll give you a framework to make decisions. I call this framework the “3 Golden Questions.” Plus, I’ll give you one key mistake I’ve seen several business owners commit.

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Session 10: Clarity of Purpose

Do you know the purpose of your organization? 100% clarity on why you exist? If not, you’re losing a battle.

Clarity of purpose gives you a framework for your business.

In this session, I’ll explain why you need clarity in your purpose, how to gain it, and how to use it once you’ve achieved it. This will help make decisions for you on clients to accept, employees to hire, and projects to accomplish.

Pretty nifty little tool, huh?

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Session 9: Employee Retention Part 1

Many businesses waste a lot of money on hiring and training employees, just to watch them leave just a few months later. It’s an expensive cycle, that you need to stop.

Employee retention is a broad topic that could take an entire month of conversations to explain well, so we’re introducing a series. Today is part 1.

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In this session, I’ll give you 2 practical ways that you can start working to increase your employee retention rate. These are easy, practical ways that won’t cost you much money (if anything) to implement.

Also, introducing a Black Friday special for 2019. Limited time offer included is hidden somewhere in the video ;).

You’re welcome.


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Session 8: Why Your UVP Matters

So, I already know what makes me different. Cool. Why does it matter? How can I use that to make my organization better? What does it have to do with strategic alignment?

Glad you asked.

In this session, I’ll give you 3 reasons why your UVP matters, and how it ties directly into your mission. If you want more information about why your mission matters, check that session out here.

Remember, strategic alignment is your competitive advantage!

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Session 7: What is UVP?

Do you know your UVP? Do you even know what a UVP is? If not, you’re missing out on leveraging a competitive advantage.

It’s not hard, and can be incredibly useful for you.

In this session, I will explain to you what a UVP is, how to figure it out, and how it can be used to get more referrals. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes, eh?

Watch it now, thank me later ;).

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Session 6: Why Mission Matters

Having a clear objective is one of the highest priorities for our military. It gives everyone a single focus and each member understands their role in accomplishing that singular objective.

Think that could have implications on your business?

In this session, I’ll discuss why mission matters to your organization. Sure, there’s some obvious reasons, but you might be surprised a little bit too.

Understanding how to utilize your mission will give you a competitive advantage.

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Session 5: Mission vs. Vision

It’s the age-old question … what’s the difference between your vision and your mission? What should each mean? Why do we need both?

Internet searches won’t get you what you need. Trust me. I’ve tried.

In this session, I’ll explain what the differences are and why both are important. Spoiler: it’s not that complicated 😉

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Session 3: Clarifying Your Competitive Advantage

What do you do better than anyone else in your space? What makes you unique?

It’s imperative that you are able to understand your competitive advantage. Are you going to be a Yahoo or a Google? How will that effect your employees motivation and satisfaction?

In this episode, I’ll cover why you need to understand and clarify your competitive advantage, how to clarify it, and what to do once you have clarity.

Strategic Alignment Is Your Competitive Advantage!

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Session 2: Purpose of Strategic Alignment

I’ve heard people say that strategic alignment sounds like a waste of time, energy, or money for smaller organizations. Not true! Not even close to true.

Strategic alignment is your secret weapon. It is a competitive advantage.

In this session, I’ll explain the main purpose of strategic alignment and how you can use it to drive revenue and increase your profit margins.

Driving revenue and increasing profit margins? Doesn’t sound like a waste to me.

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