3 Rules for Effective Meetings

Meetings are the bane of most work days for many employees. I’ve heard people say, “I’d hate your job. I don’t want that many meetings.” I can’t agree more. Too many of my days have been back-to-back meetings, where I have ended the day mentally exhausted and without accomplishing anything. Most of the time, the […]

What is Effectiveness

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines effectiveness as: “the power to produce a desired result” Why Effectiveness Matters How would you like it if your business had the power to produce a desired result? Would you know if your business was on track for that result or missing the mark? One of the core tenants to an effective […]

What is a Consultant

I have heard many people ask “What is a consultant?” or “What does a consultant actually do?” The answers can be just as wild as the questions, and vary from “magic” and “snake water salesman” to “Godsend” and “miracle worker.” What causes these descriptions to teeter at the edges of the spectrum comes down to […]